About Your Host


Dear Friend,

My name is Jane McKoy. I’m not going to lie about your marriage and tell you everything is going to be okay.  The bottom is dropping out of your world right now. Your marriage, everything you love and treasure, everything you have worked your life for, everything that’s familiar to you… it’s all on a knife-edge.

You can’t eat… you can’t sleep… you can’t think straight…

Your health is in freefall due to the enormous stress you are under. Your whole life and future happiness, something that at one time seemed so certain, now hangs precariously in the balance, waiting for you to make the next move.  Is your marriage about to jump off a cliff… is it going to take you with it?

I have THREE things to share with you that can help disarm the threat of divorce and work on rebuilding and saving your marriage.  Listen carefully and do them without hesitation if you want to help save your marriage.  Come into our world of natural and psychological healing to see how we can help you.

Yours sincerely
Jane McKoy