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find_marriage_CounselorFinding a marriage counselor – It is a rare married couple who doesn’t experience some turmoil in their relationship, so if your marriage is going through a challenging time, know that you are definitely not alone. You may be wondering whether or not it is time to find marriage counselor in order to help you find solutions before things get any worse. Many couples do seek out professional help because trying to navigate the emotional ups and downs on their own can feel too difficult or overwhelming.

So how do you decide if it is time to find marriage counselor to help your struggling marriage? Following are some things to consider as to when, as well as how to go about finding the right one for you.

First, if you and your spouse have good communication and have a history of being able to eventually work things out, you may be able to do so again without the help of therapy. Being able to talk things through without attacking, blaming, or getting overly emotional is a great skill. If this is the case, you may not need to find a marriage counselor. Unfortunately, though, many couples lack that skill. As they attempt to discuss and work on the issues affecting their marriage, they end up making things worse. Hurtful words can be very difficult to forget once said.

One of the primary goals of marriage therapy is to facilitate open and productive communication. Learning to talk to each other in a manner which is calm, respectful and beneficial to the relationship can make a significant difference in terms of whether or not you are able to get past the current challenges. If the ability to communicate well is clearly lacking in your marriage, especially despite your best efforts, then it is definitely time to find a marriage counselor who can help you.

Second, if part of your marital problems are due to one (or both) of you having a mental health issue, such as depression, or if either one of you has an addiction, such as gambling or alcohol, working through your issues alone is not likely to be successful. This is definitely a situation in which you should find a marriage counselor to not only work with you but to help you both understand the impact of the mental health issue or the addiction. Also, the counselor can make treatment recommendations for the spouse with that additional issue.

Third, if after much effort you and your spouse have continued to remain stuck in whatever problems have been afflicting your marriage, it is time to find a marriage counselor to help you get unstuck. Sometimes when we are in an emotionally charged situation it is very difficult if not impossible to maintain any type of perspective or objectivity. A good marriage counselor can help you do this, which will, in turn, help you begin to make the process rather than continue to stay stuck.

Last of all, if your relationship has become extremely emotionally volatile, it is unlikely you are going to make progress on your own. In fact, the situation will likely escalate until it completely tears yours apart. This is definitely another indicator that to find marriage counselor is one of the best things you can do if you hope to keep your marriage intact and learn ways to manage the extreme emotions one or both of you are battling.


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