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Now, without wasting your time, let’s get into it.  Let me tell you a story.  One the first day of January 1997, I received a mail from my command that I’ll be going home in 3 days time because my father had just passed and I was needed back home.  It wasn’t what I had expected for the new year, but it was given to me anyway.  I didn’t tell my husband that I was coming home.   I arrived the stateside after several miles over the seas.  After checking in on the military post and completed my re-deployment return packet, I decided to give my husband a surprise visit.  20 miles to my house, I stopped to get a bunch of crackers, as they were his favorite.

to_save_your_marriage_by_adoptionKnocking on the door of my house, there was no response so I decided to go around the house and get the spare key.  On getting around the house I notice that the back door was not locked.  I proceeded and entered with caution because my battlefield instinct was still very much alive.  On getting close to the bedroom I heard a loud noise coming from the visitors’ room, the kind of noise that gets sung only when two people are deeply into the end of the rainbow.

My mind ran wild as I could easily understand what was probably going on.  I summoned the courage and busted into the room with full power.  Alas!  What did I see? …yep! you guessed right!  I found my husband on the side on the bed pounding this female as hard as if it was the last time they will ever have it.  Omg!  I still cannot believe he has that kind of energy to really ginger up a female so much.  I wish he handled me like that 🙂

To shorten the story, I filled for divorce and wanted out of the marriage.  Yes, the marriage.  We were married for 13 years, and I had been in the military for 11 years.  We were on the brink of signing our divorce forms and one day, as I was just browsing the internet, I came across this particular free e-book about relationships.  I was reluctant to read it at first but I decided it wasn’t going to hurt if I read it.  More so, it is free.  I have nothing to lose.  So I read it.

Today, I can authoritatively tell you that the small free e-book I read pointed me to the right direction on what I did wrong, why my union hit the rocks and how I could still save it.  I put the information that I found on the free e-book resources guide to usage.  Voila …I am presently back with my husband, and our love is even stronger than it was several years back.  I never said it was easy but if you have read this article this far, then I believe you must be interested in saving your marriage.

I used my personal life experience to develop this website to take care of people who are struggling with their union/relationship/marriage. You can download a free copy of the same e-book I downloaded 2.5 years ago here on my Website.  To learn more about my story and the full details of what worked and what didn’t work, fill the form below to send me an email, and I would let you in on more behind the scene acts 🙂

Till I hear from you, it’s bye for now.